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Keeldrum Capone 11 Semen for Sale

Tag No: UK560920600837
DOB: 26.05.2011
Keeldrum Capone Keeldrum Capone

Capone's calves are excellent quality, classy, correct and well coloured.

Calves are small at birth, easy calving on cows and strong heifers.

Suitable for pedigree breeding and for breeding replacements in commercial herds.

Price £15 for any quantity straws

Keeldrum Capone 11 Pedigree

Sire: Hillcrest Valentine

GSire: Hamlet

Dam: Keeldrum Fancy V17

GSire: Caldwell Potentate P 57
GDam: Keeldrum Fancy

Hillcrest Valentine
Hillcrest Jacqueline
Keeldrum Capone 11
Caldwell Potentate P 57
Keeldrum Fancy V17
Keeldrum Fancy


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