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Tigris RR (Homozygous Polled) Semen for Sale

Tag No: DE 14 02 624 243
Breeder: Sachs-Landesanstalt fur Landw

Tigris is an outstanding polled bull. 
He has width a super top & a great pelvis which are transmited to the progeny. 
This mixed type bull was polled male champion at the Simagena show, Paris in 2009.
He is an easy calver and can be used on heifers. 
Tigris is homozygous polled. 
All the calves will be polled. 
Two copies of F94L profit gene. Protoporphyria Test NN result. 


Glaieul-P an outstanding 10 m.o young bull sold for 15,200 euros at Prestige XIII (2012). 

Goyave-P a 10 m.o heifer sold for 4,800 euros at Prestige XIII (2012). 

Festin-Car a 10 m.o young bull sold for 6,000 euros at Prestige XII (2011) to the Champeval herd. 

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Tigris RR (Homozygous Polled) Pedigree

Sire: Titanes

GSire: DT Polled Thick Set

Dam: DE 14 01 547 615

GSire: Canon
GDam: Felici

DT Polled Thick Set
Tigris RR (Homozygous Polled)
DE 14 01 547 615

Performance Data

  Calving Ease Growth Muscle Skeletal Overall Index Birth Weight 120 Day Weight 210 Day Weight DLWG
Bull 102 112 121 93 125
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