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Ivoire PP Semen for Sale

Tag No: FR8758730975
DOB: 28.03.2013
Breeder: Scea de Nouailhas

Ivoire is a super stylish HOMOZYGOUS polled Limousin.

Ivoire has two quality polled Limousin bulls in his pedigree, Tigris and Clovis.

They are the only two qualified polled bulls in France.

First calves were easily born, well muscled, correct and stylish. Easily fleshed bull. 

ALL the calves will be polled.

Price £25 for any quantity straws

Ivoire PP Pedigree

Sire: Fanon P

GSire: Tigris RR

Dam: Floralie

GSire: Clovis RR
GDam: Bouquet

Tigris RR
Fanon P
Ivoire PP
Clovis RR
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