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Dendor 1 Kohinoor (Polled) Semen for Sale

Tag No: UK700495200634
DOB: 04.09.2012
Breeder: DE, ED & AL Jones
Dendor 1 Kohinoor Dendor 1 Kohinoor

Small lively calves at birth, short gestation (top 1% of breed), good quality and well colour marked.

Huge satisfaction with first crop of calves in pedigree, suckler and dairy herds.

Homozygous polled - all the calves will be polled.

Price £15 for any quantity straws
Royalty Fee £30 (only applies to pedigree registrations)

Dendor 1 Kohinoor (Polled) Pedigree

Sire: SMH Euro 3E

GSire: SMH Casanova

Dam: Dendor 1 Ruby 11th (P)

GSire: Dendor 1 Ringo (P)
GDam: Dendor 1 Ruby 4th (P)

SMH Casanova
SMH Euro 3E
Abelone Plum
Dendor 1 Kohinoor (Polled)
Dendor 1 Ringo (P)
Dendor 1 Ruby 11th (P)
Dendor 1 Ruby 4th (P)
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