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Tomschoice Ironstone Semen for Sale

Tag No: UK124148500283
DOB: 28.11.2013
Breeder: JM & S Cooper

Ironstone has size, length, width and excellent muscle development. Sired by Kaprico Eravelle, a trait leader for gestation length and calving ease. Super temperament. Two copies of F94L profit gene.

Price £20 for any quantity straws
Royalty Fee £30 (only applies to pedigree registrations)

Tomschoice Ironstone Pedigree

Sire: Kaprico Eravelle

GSire: Wilodge Tonka

Dam: Tomschoice Gemstone

GSire: Homebyres Drummie
GDam: Tomschoice Desire

Wilodge Tonka
Kaprico Eravelle
Kaprico Ravelle
Tomschoice Ironstone
Homebyres Drummie
Tomschoice Gemstone
Tomschoice Desire


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